Sunday, 10 December 2017

Getting Festive with Knitwear, Christmas Trees, and Family

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Anyone who knows me knows that the first weekend of December is Christmas tree weekend in my home! This year it really snuck up on me, I had barely got my head round the idea that Christmas really wasn't that long away when, BAM, Christmas tree weekend! We had also made plans to have a Christmas dinner with Ciarán's sister and cousins because we will be spending Christmas with my family this year. In short, I really needed to get my Christmas on!

Step one was to stick on Heart Xmas radio, I don't care how un-christmassy you are feeling, you have only Christmas songs playing for an hour and you'll feel like Saint Nick himself! I pulled out our tree decorations, santa hats and stockings, and got to work sorting the living room out ready for a tree that would most likely be way to big!

With the house ready to welcome our tree, we head out to our favourite local shops where we buy our tree and wreaths every year, and also to pick up a ham to take with us to Ciarán's sisters dinner. 

Poor Ciarán always gets the job of carrying the tree home, while I prance about singing christmas songs at him. He loves it really...

Quite the dilemma... If my boyfriend has to take photos of me doing the tree for the blog, who helps me untangle the net...? 

We still don't have a tree topper, every year I search for the perfect one, and so far every year I ave failed.

The next morning, I was up bright an early... Well for a Sunday, to get the ham on. I used the Bills Cook Eat Smile Marmalade Glazed Ham recipe, and let me tell you it is so worth following! 

While this was cooking away, Ciarán and I had a slow lazy morning with coffee and carried out a few boring adult chores. 

I got ready while the ham cooled down before glazing it and putting it in the oven to crisp up!

With the ham done, we were ready to go!

One of my favourite things about this time of year is that Christmas becomes so much more than just one day, throughout December we usually end up having many "Christmas Days" with our friends and family that we wont be seeing on the 25th. This was just the first one, I have a couple more to go before the real Christmas Day, and I can't wait!!

Outfit one: Christmas Tree Day

Outfit two: Family Dinner
Santa Hat - Poundland

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