Saturday, 1 July 2017

Traveling Around Croatia: First Stop - Dubrovnik Pt 2

Having smashed our first day in Dubrovnik (if I do say so myself), we woke up the next day feeling pretty positive about the day ahead of us, and desperately in need of breakfast...

Now lemme talk to you about the food. A lot of people told us before we went that the food was awful and there was nowhere nice to eat. I thought this simply couldn't be true, but after our first couple of meals there I was beginning to worry that it might be. Granted we didn't try any really expensive places which might have been better, but we weren't going anywhere super cheap either. After a lazy morning, on our second day we emerged from our apartment hungry and a little dubious that we were going to get anything good. We happened to pass by this sign, now to  a Londoner this is a usual offering for a cafe/restaurant, but so far this was the first place we had found that offered coffee, juice, and pastries. So in desperate need of caffeine we gave it a go, and I'm so glad we did! I ordered an open tuna sandwich with mint and yoghurt which was just so good! I'm really looking forward to trying to replicate it at home, if and when I master this I'll pop it up on the blog. I should also add that the Croatians do coffee really well, and I am a real coffee snob so pinky promise it's good!

After finally finding yummy food and coffee we decided to hop on  a boat over to the island Lokrum. These go roughly every hour and are fairly cheap (about £20 return pp). To start with the boat was lovely because we finally got a breeze and it was so refreshing after spending the morning inside the Old Town walls. We weren't set on what we wanted to see so we set off exploring. It's a fairly small island so you're unlikely to get lost and it's so beautiful it would be a shame not to wander about for a bit.

We came to these cliffs and there was such a beautiful sea breeze and nothing to see for miles, it felt like we had walked to the end of the earth...That was until this tourist boat sailed by and the people on board started waving and photographing me having this photo taken ha!

Right about my outfit - these little shorts are so cute! They were such a great purchase, they look so stylish and go with so much. My only comment on them is that as soon as I start walking around in them they begin to rise 'up', I spent the whole day rearranging them, which is why they look particularly short in this photo, I don't usually walk around with my bum cheeks hanging out the bottom of my shorts! This might just happen because of my body shape, so it may not happen to everyone, and it didn't stop me wearing them again, it's just a small issue, other than this they were really comfy, and made me feel like a sailor doll! The white cropped t-shirt is just a cheap one from Primark and I wear it with so much. It's lovely in the summer when you've perhaps caught the sun a bit too much on your shoulders and want to keep them out of the sun, but don't want to be completely covered up.

This beautiful lagoon was called the Dead Sea, it was stunning, the water was crystal clear and we both instantly regretted noting bringing any swimwear with us! We sat here for a little while just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, then head inside the monastery for loads of information about all the locations in Croatia that Game of Thrones has been filmed, and get to sit on the Iron Throne (for free!!). Ciarán (as you can see) was very comfortable on the throne, I think perhaps he was royalty in a past life?

We got back into the Old Town harbour and immediately went in search of dinner. Ciarán had the very wise idea to try a restaurant outside the walls. We came out of the Ploce Gate and just across the road was a couple of restaurants, we couldn't believe it would be that simple to find good and reasonably priced food, but bugger me it was!

We went to Horizont, the food was great, the service was fantastic, and oh my what a view! Suddenly we couldn't understand why so many people were crammed inside the walls staring at stone and tourists when they could be here looking down on the harbour and the Old Town.

We had been invited to some pre-wedding drinks, so with full happy tummies we headed back to the apartment to get ready. The outfit I wore is one of my favourites and the top and shorts are both from Primark!


The Bardot top is a light blue pinstripe with buttons down the front like a shirt, with little flamingos dotted all over it. I paired it with these high waisted denim shorts with an embroidery detail I bought these last year but this style of denim shorts has really taken off this year, so I've linked a few similar pairs above. I had my blue Longchamp Le Pliage backpack, I literally used this the whole holiday, it was perfect for touring around, especially when climbing all the stairs! Finally I had my Birkenstocks on. 

The morning of the wedding knowing we had been successful for food outside the walls the evening before, we decided to try the neighbouring restaurant for breakfast, and we were on to another winner!

So basically just on the left of this restaurant is a set of stairs and up there is Horizont. Gusta Me in this photo is where we had breakfast, we both had french toast with syrup and it was really yummy. As I said earlier these restaurants are just outside the walls if you go through the Ploce Gate by the harbour. I seriously recommend you give these places a go if you're in Dubrovnik, they're reasonably priced, have a great view and the food is good!  

The wedding was beautiful and we had such a lovely time! We only had one day after the wedding left in Dubrovnik and we spent it exploring some of the quieter streets, just taking it all in.

I absolutely loved Dubrovnik and was so sad to leave, I was a bit worried that we had started with the best and our next stops were going to be a disappointment in comparison. I have so much to tell you about the rest of our trip, and when I do you're going to see that my fears were completely unnecessary!  

Stay tuned for our next stop - Korčula.


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