Thursday, 26 January 2017

Terrybaun Pottery

I bloody love pottery! It is my mission in life to fill my house with beautiful mugs, jugs, plates you name it if it's pottery I want it! Especially if it's handmade!
So naturally it didn't take me long (my first visit) to notice these beautiful unique mugs Ciarán's parents and neighbours have, when I was told they were made by a local potter I knew I had to go and if I could, buy all of it!

Three years later and I have finally been able to go to Terrybaun Pottery, we received two egg cups from Ciarán's mum for Christmas, and I instantly began begging for us to go before we went home. We phoned Henri and arranged to go. Hooray!

We were good and only bought a few items.

'Kid in a sweet shop' does not cover my level of excitement! I flittered from one thing to the next ooing and ahing, touching everything I could and mentally calculating what I could sell so that I could take one of everything!

It's a family business, originally run by Henri's Aunt and Uncle. Henri and his wife Fiona took over the pottery 30 years ago and still create beautiful products with the same patterns and styles that were made originally, but also many other creations of their own!  If you want to learn more about Terrybaun Pottery or love the stuff as much as I do and just gotta get your hands on some, then head over to the website and get clicking --->Terrybaun Pottery

Being able to order online is very handy, but isn't it a really wonderful excuse to zip over to the west of Ireland for a weekend escape? Breathe in the fresh air, climb a mountain (hahaha as if!) and explore some of the many derelict churches (these are my favourite things to see, so beautiful, peaceful and haunting).

If you are already in the area or going to be and fancy stopping by, then take a look at the website for information on arranging a visit.

I might be a little biased, but there is something so lovely about meeting the person that has made the thing you are buying, it adds a personal note to it. Henri and Fiona are such wonderful people and I'm so glad I was able to meet them, it has made the things we bought that much more special.

If you do get yourself a little pottery treat I'd love to know, so I can be jealous and begin a list of things to get next time we're in Ireland!


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