Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hello Little Blog, It's Been A While - Pt 3

Christmas Tree Day!

The very best day of December!

I am a major Christmas lover! For me there is almost no better day in the Christmas season that Christmas tree day (I might even like it more than Christmas Day itself). Ciarán and I get our Christmas tree on the first weekend in December because we are always away from home Christmas, either in Ireland with Ciarán's family or in Jersey with mine, so I like to get as much time enjoying my tree as possible. We walk down the Twickenham high street and get our wreath from Coopers greengrocers, I've had one from here since we moved to Twickenham, they're always so nicely made and I found out this year that they are all made by the owners mum! at £5 they're such good value for money! We get our tree from the tiny little garden centre/ hardware store Percy Chapmans. Again we always get our tree from here, they're so helpful and the tress are always really nice. Then Ciarán carries the tree home. I should probably help him, but I'm usually too busy prancing about in excitement taking photos of him and our tree and singing Christmas songs really loudly! When we get home its usually my job to decorate, only because I'm really particular about how it looks, and Ciarán doesn't want to spend all day being told he's doing it wrong. Let's be honest most of us are a little anal when it comes to getting our Christmas trees just right!

I am now sitting in my living room bathed in the warm glow of the tree lights and surrounded by the smell of pine. I have just got back from a weekend trip to Margate (more on  that next time) to see family before Christmas, I have a baileys in hand and I am feeling very festive. Only 7 more days left of work and then I'm off until the new year!! I will try my very best to keep on top of all my festivities and not neglect the blog as much!!

I hope you're all enjoying the run up to Christmas, what big plans do you have over the holidays? I'd love to know!

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