Monday, 10 October 2016

Sunshine, Storms and Beach Hopping - Jersey Channel Islands

If you are into beautiful sandy beaches that look like something out of a film, then Portelet Bay is the beach for you!

It's by far my favourite beach on Jersey and I was desperate to get down there. We left the house with beaming sunshine, covered in sun lotion, and my floppy sun hat in hand. We arrived 20 minutes later, and the clouds had already started to roll in. Having spent quite a lot of time in the Channel Islands I know how quickly the weather can turn on you, and the clouds began to look more and more daunting. Instead of hopping back in the car and accepting that today was not the day for the beach, we carried on down the hill and I settled down on the sand. Within a matter of minutes the rain started and it wasn't long before we saw streaks of lightening jetting through the sky. I may have been silly enough to ignore the clouds, but torrential rain and thunder and lightning will not be ignored. We paused halfway back to the car to try and take shelter under the shrubbery and looked back over our shoulders, what had moments before been so peaceful was now a raging stormy mess!

We made it back to the car dripping wet and not ready to return home, so instead we headed west to Corbiere lighthouse.

In typical island fashion as fast as the storm had arrived, it was gone leaving behind puddles as the only sign it had ever been, and as it cleared we were treated to a pretty spectacular backdrop to Jersey's already beautiful coastline. 

As we got further west we stopped off at Grosnez Castle, a 14th century castle ruin on the west coast clifftops. I'm a bit of a sucker for castles, so it's been on my list for a while. You can just turn up and park and have a bit of a wander around, it won't take up much of your day, but is well worth a visit even if you just go for the views! On a warm day it would be a lovely spot for a picnic, unfortunately for us even though the storm had passed, a strong cold wind had stuck around which meant we didn't really want to.

About a 5 minute drive up the road is Cafe Ouen. If you're up that way definitely pop in for a bite.

We had much better luck with the weather the next day! We popped over to Gorey to soak up the sun and treat ourselves to a fresh crab sandwich, before going round the coast to Archirondel. Ciarán got a spot of fishing in while I chilled out, took in my surroundings and enjoyed what was to be the last of the summer sun.

I love these denim shorts! And would you believe they came from Primark?? I have thrown them on every chance I get!

As the evening crept in, and the warmth began to fade, our minds once again drifted to food. There is a great Thai place down the road from my dads place that I had been to before and was desperate for Ciarán to try. The Dicq Shack is right on le dicq slipway on the edge of town, colourful picnic benches are scattered across the beach, and when the sun goes down the only light you have are the candles. I suggest wearing flip-flops, as the tide comes in right up past the benches, so if you're not careful you'll be knee deep in the sea! The food is great, and its the perfect place for a super casual and chilled evening. It's also BYOB, so grab a bottle of your favourite drink and get yourself down there!! They do takeout too, so as the weather has now got a little chilly, there is no excuse to miss out!

On our walk down we were fortunate enough to catch the sunset, and boy was it a goodun!

I love how this side of town has kept its traditional seaside feel with the colourful lights running around the perimeter of the beach, and the 20's hotels and their filigree metal balconies and porches!!

All in all it was a pretty great end to our holiday. I'm so grateful that I get to call this beautiful island home in some way. 

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