Saturday, 10 September 2016

Things I'm (Not So) Good At

In this day and age of social media, it is so easy to look at what it seems like everyone is great at!

I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest looking at endless photos of people with the most amazing bodies I have ever seen (seriously are they even human), sketches and paintings that I would go look at in a museum and meals that look ,ire something out of a Michelin star restaurant! It's so easy to begin beating yourself us about you're inability to do any of these things.

My body certainly doesn't look like it was personally sculpted by a Greek God, although this is totally self inflicted, if I did a few more squats or sit ups instead of eating that second piece of cake I'd have a better shot of looking like zeus's daughter! I can barely make my handwriting legible let alone create a masterpiece and be able to say "oh this? Nah it's just a doodle, something I scribbled while on the phone". Finally as much as I love cooking, and if I'm honest I don't think I'm that bad at it, I cannot ever make it look as delightfully instagramable as I want!
See! Really yummy breakfast but not photogenic at all! 
In spit of all this I have decided to share with you a few things  I am good at, even if they aren't very instagramable , goddamnit I'm going to tell people about it!

  • I am amazing at sleeping, seriously if I'm warm and comfortable I can drop off anywhere!
  • I am really great at spending an entire weekend (or week if I have it) binge watching to shows on Netflix without getting sick of it. 
  • I excel at forgetting I've put on a load of washing,and grumpily hanging it out after I've decided to go to bed.
  • I do actually think I'm a fairly good cook most of the time.
  • I make a damn good gin and tonic for myself.
  • Cuddled! I'm a very affectionate person and I love a good cuddle.
  • I'm great at filling up my online shopping basket with beautiful things, silently weeping over the cost and slowly deleting every item until I'm left with a pair of £3 socks that are 50% off.
  • I have wicked Harry Potter trivia skills (it's a blessing and a curse) - I'm a massive HP nerd! I even sleep in HP pyjamas!
  • Sometimes when I have 5 million hours to spare I can absolutely nail my makeup (slight cheat one cause you can Instagram that)

There we go a few things I'm good at that can't be easily shared on social media. This doesn't make them any less valid as things to be good at! So I say let's embrace all our qualities, even the ones that aren't instagramable. They are after all what makes each of us pretty damn great. There's quite a few silly ones in that list, but they are true and they make me who I am.

It's high time we all embraced what we are good at and find the positives in the things we aren't so good at. For instance if we were all amazingly talented at painting would we appreciate amaxing works of art as much? Generations of artistically challenged people have paved the way for the global appreciation of Monet.thats right I am partially responsible for money being famous!

Are there any bizarre things you are good at? Perhaps you're great at buying bananas to start eating healthy breakfasts and letting them go brown in favour of coco pops... No? Just me? 

Regardless I love you and your flalents (flaws/talents?) another thing I'm great at using words that don't exist! 

So this became a bit deep. The plan was for it to be a bit of a self mocking post, but it got real really fast. All the feels came pouring out! It was amazing accident! But just to finish it off I love you guys, thanks for still reading when my posts get weird, I do genuinely appreciate that people actually read this blog, I always thought it would just be a couple of friends and family members, but to see people from all over the world stop by from time to time is really flattering!


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