Monday, 26 September 2016

Summer In Jersey - Channel Islands

We arrived in Jersey to grey skies and rain, needless to say I was not impressed, and it certainly wasn't what I ordered!     

My dad has been doing a lot of work to his house, so when we arrived we got the guided tour of all the decoration and improvements, it's looking so good. As soon as the weather perked up I was quite quickly sure my favourite space was going to be the garden, it's so secluded and it gets tones of sun. More importantly it now contains a rather swish hot tub which I have been making the most of, I can't wait to come back in the winter and run out braving the cold for the rewarding moment of sinking into the bath like temperature. We're obviously not there quite yet, the days were delightfully hot and sunny, and the evenings refreshingly mild. This didn't stop me from sinking into the hot tub with a glass of wine and some chilled out music playing from the speakers.     

The rain cleared up just in time for our barbecue and copious amounts of wine, I lost track of how many bottles we got through, but however many it was I really don't advise it!

We awoke on Sunday morning with our fingers crossed for sunshine and by George we got it! The minute the sun shines I will be gunning for the beach, instead I was out voted and we went for a very long and very rewarding walk (aside from the nasty blisters I got from wear unsuitable footwear, seriously I have holes in my feet!) 

The lovely thing about walking in jersey is you see so much more of it, I know this is a bit of a duh moment, but honestly I have spent so much time in Jersey and I am almost always on a bus or being driven somewhere specific, but our walk meant that I got to really appreciate the countryside, the architecture and my oh my the views! You get to see the land drop off into the sea glittering in the distance, and if it's a really clear day you can see France or the other Channel Islands depending on which side of the island you are on. 

One foot in St Saviours, the other in Gorey.

There are plenty of fantastic books which direct you step by step on some great circular walks, we were using this one, but I am told that this one is also very very good! Our walk definitely took a little longer than estimated by the book, but this was down to frequent stops for Pokemon hunting!    

My dad and Jules were back to work in Monday which left Ciarán and I to go in search of the beach we wanted to set up camp and soak up the sun for the day. Well I was looking for a nice sun spot, Ciarán was in search of a good fishing spot. We settled on one of the quieter beaches on the north coast of the island, Bonne Nuit. I say quieter, at this time of year when all the kids are back to school even the more popular beaches are pretty quiet. 

The beaches on the north coast tend to be pebbley, but they also have the more striking landscape, which I personally think makes them nicer to visit. Bonne Nuit has a lovely cafe, in the morning and early afternoon they serve cream tea, sandwiches, chips and the like, but after around 3pm they switch to their Thai menu and I hear it's bloody good!  With the tide coming in and pushing us out of our quiet secluded spot we popped up to the cafe, hours of sitting in the sun and dipping my toes in the sea had worked up quite the appetite.    

With the evening creeping up on us, we decided to ease into the holiday gently and pooteled on back to my dads place for another dip in the hot tub and a quiet evening in.



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