Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Not Another Camping Trip

If you have read my blog before, you will know that I have well and truly been bitten by the camping bug.

We haven't been able to go that much this summer, partly because we've been really busy and partly because the weekend weather has been shocking. We decided with my sister and her husband that we would go camping in the New Forest on the August bank holiday weekend regardless of the weather and I'm so glad we did!

CiarĂ¡n and I arrived first so were set the extremely important task of picking the right pitch. We eventually found the perfect spot overlooking the 'no camping' field where the wild ponies roam free.

By the time Gen and Bon had finished setting up, it was time for dinner. We decided not to do our usual barbecue burgers and instead opted for a chorizo and sausage stew (recipe to follow!) There is something so nice about eating a proper hot meal when you're camping!

As the light faded, it was time to settle down with the oil lamp (AKA Lampy) and a board game. Specifically Scrabble, paired with a mug of red wine.

We awoke the next morning to it pouring with rain and blowing a hooley! Typical after a full week of 30+ heat and beaming sunshine. Now we all know the sound of rain and wind outside when you're snuggled in a cosy warm bed does not encourage anyone to get up! Naturally I chose the stay in my cocoon for longer than I should and had no interest in leaving. That was until I heard someone mention coffee.

We weren't too keen on getting drenched so our leisurely walk through the countryside was off the table. Instead we took a short drive into the nearby town of Beaulieu. It's a lovely little town and as the weather had dried up a little we even managed a short walk. We came across bush after bush of blackberries, some of them were even ready to eat, so naturally we gobbled as many as we could! Gen was devastated that we didn't have any containers with us when we found the mother-load of sloe berries! 

We made our way back to the camp for quiet afternoon of reading...

...And snoozing.

Eventually it was time to put on a pot of mint tea (mint leaves foraged on our walk :) ) get the dinner on, crack into the wine and settle down for another quiet evening.

The boys got up very early the next day for a spot of fishing which left Gen and I free to laze about with a book and a coffee... The very best way to spend a bank holiday Monday morning I think.

Gen so utterly engrossed in her book, was oblivious to the donkeys mooching about behind her...

Eventually the rudeness of this was clearly too much for them. They demanded to be noticed!

The boys arrived back just in time to help pack up our little campsite and say goodbye to the ponies and donkeys.

I'm  a little sad that this was our last camping trip for the year, it doesn't feel like we have had much of a summer and what little we have had has been inconveniently during the week while I am trapped in an office. It Teasingly hangs around right into the dregs of Friday, to then disappear during all the weekend plans leaving you feeling cheated by its wonder the day before, much like a hangover the morning after an amazing party. The bastard then returns mockingly on Monday morning.

I am hoping that Autumn will not be as much of a disappointment and will be suitably crisp!


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