Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Importance of a Work Wife

I firmly believe that everyone should have a work wife.
In case you don't know, a work wife is kind of what it says on the tin really, they are 'your person' when you're at work. A significant other if you will.

I don't think significant others are just limited to romantic relationships, I reckon you can have more than one. Before CiarĂ¡n and I started seeing each other, my significant others were two of my housemates, Lilith and Zoe. You know we had movie nights, we went out for drinks, had dinner together, we were there to support each other when we were having bad days, all the stuff a best friend is there for! This doesn't stop just because you get a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the type of role a work wife takes on, a significant other slash best friend.

You can't rush finding a work wife, it has to happen organically, and it's an important decision, this person will be there for you on the really shit days, and vice versa!!

My work wife is Becky, and she's pretty damn great! Not only do we have almost daily lunch dates, but we exchange snarky text messages about whatever is bugging us that day. If I'm having a bad time she's there to promise physical violence against whoever has caused me distress, and give me a much needed cuddle.

In short having that support network at work is so important, it reassures you that no matter how bad your day is, theres someone there who always has your back.

If you don't have a work wife I strongly suggest you get one as soon as you can, start interviewing potential wives until you find the perfect one! If you already have one drop me a line and let me know how great they are! Although Im pretty certain my work wife is the best! But I might be a little biased.

P.S One time I was running late and forgot to grab something to eat for breakfast, Becky brought in extra cereal bars for me! If for no other reason than that you should have a work wife, no one is good when they're hangry!! Becky is the best!

Here's me and my work wife being awesome!<3

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