Monday, 25 July 2016

AA: Adults Anonymous

Over the last couple of weeks I have had an eternal crick in my neck, which I think is down to having really rubbish pillows, or a terrible mattress which I keep putting off replacing because I'd really rather spend the money on something else. I  was given a £50 John Lewis voucher the other day and couldn't contain my excitement that I could use it to buy some lovely new feather pillows to hopefully ease the crick in my neck... This excitement was swiftly followed by horror at my sudden and inexplicable ailment... Adulthood. 
Seriously one minute I was carefree at uni, my biggest responsibility being how I was going to cope with writing my essays with looming deadlines when I had been out the night before, that and finding a bowl big enough to ice soak my feet to minimise the damage caused by the ridiculous heels I had insisted on purchasing and wearing that night!

These days I panic about how I'm going to cope at work the next day when I go to bed after 11pm. This causes me to lie awake stressing about my lack of sleep which prevents me from falling asleep until well after 12 AM, it's a vicious cycle. I walk to work in trainers and change into M&S sole survivor ballet pumps... In short I am a fully fledged adult... At the very least I am a very slippery slope to adult-ville.

I have done my best to hide my adult-ness, I force myself not to show my delight at warm weather meaning I can get all my washing done rather than a wicked sun tan- I am the person that offers sun lotion around at a barbecue... Sun burn is bad at all ages people! 

I have decided there are different levels of adult: I am an entry level adult. We worry about not getting enough sleep, the weekly 'big' food shop and having to work 9-5.

Then you have the 'got our shit together' adult. These are the kind of adult that own their own home, and spend all weekend "working on the house" or cleaning their car. 

Finally the mother ship of adult... 'The Parent'. These guys spend 24/7 in full adult mode. I mean they are responsible for keeping another human being alive after all!

After this point I think you come full circle in retirement age, no work, no dependant children, just endless free time, you're basically a student again, sans the debt hopefully.

I mean at 25 I clearly haven't a clue what I'm talking about... which I'm hoping means I haven't transformed into an adult fully just yet! Also FYI I think there are people that straddle two or even three levels of adults, these are the mega adults, or the Adultatrons if you will.

I have finally decided to embrace my newly found adult traits and come clean. 

My name is Fabienne and I am an adult.

Hello Fabienne.

I don't have a photo to symbolise my new found adultness... So here is a photo of me and my best friend at her hen-do being as non-adult as we could manage!

So errm.. Sorry about this super random post, sometimes my head gets filled with very strange and random thoughts and they have to go somewhere!! For some reason I felt on the internet where the world can experience my brain vomit was a good plan.

Have any of you guys been shocked by sudden adulthood? Leave me a comment I'd love to know I'm not alone in this!!

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