Saturday, 30 July 2016

7 Happy Days

In case there isn't enough 'what has made me happy' posts out there on the internet, I decided that it's far too easy to focus on the shitty stuff that is going on, and maybe each week I need to focus on one thing a day, no matter how small, that has made me smile. So here goes, my 7 happy things over 7 days.

Sunday: Ciarán and I met his cousin, her husband and their gorgeous baby Ramona for lunch at the White Swan in Twickenham. It was a glorious sunny day and we managed to get a table outside by the river.

Monday: I'm pretty disorganised about getting my blog posts out, I tend to post as and when I feel like it, and I am trying to be more frequent in my posting. It might seem silly that posting on the blog is my happy thing for Monday, but I had been worrying about how long it had been since my last post, and my Monday post so far seems to have spurred on more frequent posting!

Tuesday: I had a really awful commute on Tuesday, the trains were an absolute mess and I didn't get home until really late. Just chilling out on the couch with Ciarán watching Netflix was so nice.

Wednesday: I was actually organised for once and defrosted paella and took it for my lunch at work, it was so yummy!

Thursday: I found this on Pinterest and it really made me laugh!!...

Friday: I bought myself new stationary in my lunch break. Ever since school the summer holiday season is the season for new stationary for me. If you aren't excited by new stationary we can no longer be friends I'm afraid.

Saturday: Today Ciarán and I took our bikes into central London for Prudential Ride London, a whole load of roads were closed to traffic so it was really nice cycling around! (More on this later.)

I know most of these are really small everyday things, but sometimes that's all it takes to make you smile.

What has made you smile this week?


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