Thursday, 2 June 2016

Long Time No Blog!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time!

I haven't been feeling very wordy lately, so I have been collecting up my photos from things I've been up to with no desire to write anything about them. To be honest, I'm still not feeling particularly inspired to write, but I still want to share my last few weekends!!  I've been a bit all over the place lately, I was in London with CiarĂ¡n for our anniversary, then I was in Jersey for wedding celebrations with my sisters, and last weekend I was up in Nottingham visiting a very dear friend!

These were taken on our day in London, we had lunch at the Canalway Cavalcade in LittleVenice, and then hopped on a couple of bikes and cycled over to the Imperial War Museum... And stopped for ice cream of course!

When I was in Jersey, we were walking to dinner along the beach, the light was lovely and we were all feeling a little silly...

I spent the whole weekend in Jersey, and the photos taken on this walk were the only ones I took!

Finally last weekend I was visiting my friend up in Nottingham, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and got to spend the whole time out in her garden.

It was lovely to get to spend some time with her, I hadn't seen her in over a year! It was a total bonus to get to have snuggly cuddles with her little boy Herbie! I can't believe how quickly he has stopped looking like a baby and has become a proper toddler! I cannot leave it another year before I see these guys again!

I was also in Nottingham for my old housemates hen do! But more on that another time.

Sorry for the photo dump, but had I left it any longer it would have been too daunting to tackle all the events and I would have buried my head in the sand and done nothing with my photos!

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