Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Unexpected Present - Praktica LTL

As you probably already know I'm new to this photography thing. I only bought my DSLR earlier this year and I'm having so much fun with it!
Although I desperately need to invest in an external hard drive because being snap-happy is no good for my laptop, and I feel dread every time it throws a tantrum and I am painfully reminded that I could lose all my photos! But I digress, my new hobby has got me all interested in film photography, well that and my (almost) brother in law has set up a dark room in his flat and I got to watch him developing photos. I was ridiculously excited the first time I saw the image appear on the paper... who am I kidding? I get that wave of excitement every time I see it!

Anyway this got me looking at old film cameras with a kind of "one day i'll treat myself" attitude. It seemed a bit silly to go buying another camera when I have only just got my digital one. So you can imagine my delight when I visited my sister and her fiancé and they had a surprise film camera for me! They were having a clear out and came across the camera in their fairly extensive collection of cameras. In the words of Gen when she gave it to me, they felt 'it was something I needed in my life' and I whole heartedly agree! So I got a mini tutorial on how it worked and got to take it out for a spin on our countryside walk.

Now not that I need to justify having both, but using the film camera is already giving me a much better grasp on how everything works. I usually keep my digital camera on aperture priority, but my new film camera requires me to choose all the settings and get the right balance according to it's light metre, not something I have ever had to do before!  

I'm yet to finish a roll of film and have the pictures developed, so for all I know, I'm working out how the camera works, but actually taking some pretty rubbish photos, but once I have got them developed I'll be sure to share...Then again, if they're all out of focus and generally awful, I'll probably never mention my film camera again and sneakily delete this post like it never happened... Stay tuned!


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