Friday, 29 April 2016

On The Struggle Bus to Hangover Town

I have had a first class ticket on board the struggle bus today. A works drinks thing that should have been just a couple became a lot of drinks and a very late night. This when you have work the next morning is not a smart thing to do, which at 25 you would think I already knew. In fact I did know and for reasons my sober self cannot fathom I chose to stay out regardless, unfortunately I have to accept that this was my choice, and I have no one else to blame but myself. As much as I would love to hold someone else responsible for feeling genuine fear that I might vomit on unsuspecting commuters on the way to work, I can't.

What was news to me was that at 25 I now have next to no tolerance for alcohol, and a glass of berocca and a shower no longer "fix" me. I spent the whole day struggling to hold a pen, read my emails or generally interact with other humans. The day was made mildly bearable by sharing knowing looks with my colleague who was out with me and in the same generally ropey state as I was, that and managing to drag my arse out of my chair at lunch and inhale a mass of Chinese food.

My days internal monologue went something like this:

  • It's only 9.20 I will never survive this day.
  • If I sneak off to be sick, will everyone know?
  • I hope I don't smell like booze.
  • Coffee. 
  • Can I go home yet?
  • Coffee.
  • I think I feel better.
  • Coffee.
  • Lies. I definitely feel worse.
  • Oh God, it's only 10am.
  • When will this end?!
  • I hope no one phones me.
  • LUNCH!
  • Lunch is amazing, lunch fixes everything, why didn't I eat lunch earlier? I'm healed!
  • ...
  • Lunch is a liar.
Stick that on repeat for the afternoon, and you have my day. 

Hangovers were so much easier when I was at uni and could mong about in pj's, mainline coffee, and stick 90210 on repeat on Netflix. Trying to handle a hangover and act like a responsible functioning adult is pretty rubbish. The highlight of the day was coming home, inhaling take-out and getting into my dressing gown. Can you see the struggle in my eyes? Can you feel my pain?

FYI now I'm home I am monging about in pj's and have 90210 on repeat on Netflix!

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