Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Birthday Weekend

I turned 25 this week!!

MEEP... That's half way to 50, as my boss so helpfully pointed out!

Regardless of being half way to 50, I had a wonderful celebration on the Saturday!

We spent the day having a cultured few hours at Kew Gardens, given how close I live to Kew it's pretty shameful that I haven't been before. Especially if it means I miss out on seeing this little guy trampling all the tulips, cheeky devil!

The Temperate House is closed for restoration currently, so we weren't able to see that which was a bit of shame, but we got to enjoy the other glasshouses! The Palm house is really quite special, and lovely and warm on a chilly day also, a bit of a bonus, there is a small aquarium in the basement.

It was a shame that it's been so cold lately, so the blossom wasn't out yet, but I really want to go back in the summer when the whole garden is covered in flowers and colour and the bumble bees are in their element!

Now, if you're in the mood for a really good cocktail, sans the ridiculous wait at the bar trying to make eye contact with the bartender, then you need to go to So Bar in Richmond. It's table service so you can happily stay chatting with your friends and having a nice time without being interrupted with a trip to the bar. The cocktails are delicious and the wine selection isn't bad either. They also do some rather nice bar snacks (I recommend the nachos, cheesy messy goodness smothered in guacamole and sour cream!).

We settled into our space and I got to celebrate my birthday with these wonderful people!

 That damn auto-flash!

I had a wonderful birthday, surrounded by friends, family and most importantly cake!

I hope that being 25 doesn't mean I have to start being a real grown up!

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