Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekend in Bruges

January can be such a grim time of year, so we hopped on the Eurostar a sped off to Bruges!

We wandered through the market getting tea leaves, cheese, bread and other provisions for our weekend. I love real functional markets, so often here the markets are a novelty. they make for perfect people watching too! It was such a nice change of pace from London, no one was rushing around, even the cyclist were going at a nice leisurely pace!

I'd love to tell you about loads of fun activities, but as usual when we visit places like this our time is mostly spent wandering around and soaking it all up while finding the next place to eat.

We decided not to let the rain on our first day get us down, we grabbed a couple of umbrellas and went out in search of a warm bar and one of those Trappist beers we had heard so much about!

Needless to say... We found one.

After dinner, and a late afternoon nap, we went to this amazing bar in an old cellar, with (like all the bars in bruges) an amazing selection of beers! And a seriously good soundtrack! Ciarán decided we should get a couple of tasting boards to really appreciate what Bruges had to offer, he assured me they would be small...

And he was wrong.

After a good nights sleep we set about exploring!

On one of our days we put our proper tourist hats on and climbed the Belfry, an absolute must as you get to look out across bruges and down on all the lovely red tiled roofs! It was unfortunately a little foggy when we went, but still a lovely sight to see!

On our last night Ciarán took me out for dinner to a gorgeous little restaurant, where I thoroughly overate, and even found space to cram in desert (I don't think I've ever felt so full in my life!). In an attempt to ease the fullness, and to make the most of our dwindling time we had left in Bruges, we took a leisurely walk back to the apartment in the moonlight soaking up all the buildings glowing in their uplighting.

I had such a wonderful time, and thoroughly recommend popping over and pounding the cobbled streets yourself!

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