Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Last of the Summer Sun

I've been trying so hard to catch up with myself posting about the things I've been up to, and I almost completely forgot to write about my sisters engagement party!

It was planned to be autumnal, since it was the end of September we had no idea how the weather would be, and knowing England it was probably going to be rotten...Man were we wrong! it was glorious weather! I think it ended up being the last really hot and sunny day of the summer, which was absolutely fantastic, we pulled out the barbecue threw a bunch of blankets on the grass and enjoyed the last of the summer sun with friends and a fabulous celebration!

I was having far to much gin and tonic fun to remember to take many photos, and by the time I did get my camera out I definitely had had too much gin and tonic to be safe wielding a camera about! So all of the day time photos and some of the evening photos have been taken by the bride to be herself, and my fellow bridesmaid Abby Shepherd!

I severely let down my maid-of-honourly duties, and turned up way too late to help set up for the party, so I cannot stake any claim on how great this place looks! Oh but I wish I could!

People began to arrive, and the gazebo we originally decided to bring in case of rain became a source of shade!

these seats were made by Bonamy my sisters fiancé out of pallets, and they were great! If I had enough garden space I would have taken one home with me, as some other people did, I'm seriously disappointed I couldn't take one, and fully intend on strong arming Bonamy into making some when eventually have a garden big enough!

Like I said...Too busy to take photos!

The last of us still standing sat around the fire having a sleepy warm conversation, I at some point after this photo fell asleep curled up by the fire (I am certain I was a cat in a previous life!) eventually I stirred and managed to drag myself into my tent feeling happy in my heart. 

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