Monday, 9 November 2015

Mallorca - Sóller & the Tramuntana

For our last couple of days in Mallorca, we rented a car and ventured further afield.

We drove out of town, and followed the road, twisting and turning ever upwards into the mountains. the views were spectacular, and although these roads can be a little bit of a tourist trap, we found it to be a bit of a blessing, no one is expecting you to be speeding around, you can take it nice and slow and soak up the the moments you get to look out at the horizon where the sea soaks into the sky.

We figured since we were in the area, we would follow all the other tourists and drive down to Sa Calobra along the road designed by engineer Antonio Paretti, the hair-pin bends and the many tourist buses squeezing through gaps you would never expect a bus to be attempting are quite astonishing! Truthfully I felt it was a little overrated. yes, the road is like none i've ever driven on, but you can get the same views elsewhere on the Tramuntana, and when you get to the bottom, you get herded into a massive carpark to prevent the small port at the base of the mountain from getting tourist logged. We swiftly turned back around and headed back into the Tramuntana to find some empty roads where we could feel like the only people in the world once more.

We eventually made our way down the mountain to a little town buried in the valley of the mountains called Sóller. We stopped for coffee, and had a little wander around, before being typical tourists again and and getting the old tram down to Port de Sóller.


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