Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mallorca - Last Day In The Sun

For our last day in Mallorca we headed back into the mountains to drive to the islands most northerly point, Cap Formentor!
This was another one of the super busy tourist drives through the mountains, we were crawling most of the way there, so it was no surprise when we finally made it to the lighthouse, that there was no where to park, and we couldn't stay to get a drink at the cafe and stare out into the ocean, but the slow speed we were driving at meant that w had plenty of time to stare out of the car windows at the same view!
Turns out the lighthouse wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be, but the drive was lovely!

Clearly I enjoyed letting Ciarán do all the driving!
After a spot of lunch, we took the car back to the rental place and walked into Alcúdia to spend our last afternoon climbing the old walls.

So while I was looking through Ciarán's holiday photos I discovered what a sneaky little photographer Ciarán is! I came away from the holiday thinking there were about 2 photos of me that weren't taken by myself... Turns out, while I was busy photographing everything else, Ciarán was taking pictures of me taking pictures (Or awkwardly climbing over rocks)!

Like I said... Sneaky little shutter bug!

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