Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mallorca - Pollença and Platja Des Coll Baix

We wanted to see more of Mallorca than just the town we were staying in so, we hopped on a bus and visited the nearby  historic town of Pollença and Port de Pollença. They were both so beautiful even on the slightly cloudy day we chose to go!

This is my lunchtime "I will not wear a jumper on my summer holiday but man I'm cold" face. Turns out choosing to sit out on a jetty for lunch on a cloudy day was not the best idea, got blown to bits and was really cold after getting used to being in the sun!

I love stained glass windows! When I finally buy a place of my own I fully intend on having stained glass somewhere!

I saw this little guy outside an Italian restaurant and thought he was so cute! Ciarán thought I was mad taking a photo of his chubby little face but I love him!

I loved all the narrow, stone streets twisting and turning through the town, with the mountains looming in the background!

I had read about the beautiful old chapel Calvari, and the 365 step climb, naturally I assumed there was the possibility of seeing more stained glass and we had to go!

No stained glass, but there was still some beautiful features!

The next day we visited Platja Des Coll Baix, this little bay can only be reached by foot or by boat, we took a cab as far as it would take us, strapped on our trainers and got a walkin.

It's quite a walk from where the taxi drops you off, and later its quite a climb over the rocks to get to the beach, but it was so worth it! If you want to visit a beach as beautiful as this one and have it as quiet and it was, you have to be willing to work for it! Besides the beach, the views you get along the way are also spectacular, this was one of my favourite days of the whole trip!

After about 40 minutes, the road had turned from well maintained tarmac, to heavily potholed tarmac, to dirt, to rocks, to barely a visible track, all the while constantly climbing. We finally got to the top and could see our destination...

...And it was glorious! We took a short break to catch our (my) breath, and spurred on by the view below continued along the path. Soaking up the sun and the view below as we went.

After a short while we realised we had lost the path and couldn't work out how to get down to the beach, we had walked way past it along the cliffs, luckily we met a lovely couple who had been before and were happy to show us the way. Eventually we made it down to the rocks, and it was just a case of climbing over them back to the beach.

After a couple of hours sunbathing and wave jumping, Ciarán wanted to do a spot of fishing, so I joined him on up on the rocks.

I couldn't believe how clear and warm the water was! Cannot tell you how many photos I took of this beach, just trying to do it the justice it deserves.

Eventually we both got hungry and knew that we had quite a walk ahead of us, and for the firs time consciously realised we had to go back up the way we had come down to the beach. This took me quite a deal longer than Ciarán, I'm uncoordinated and easily unbalanced, so this was quite the challenge for me! but I did eventually make it in one piece, thanks to Ciarán carrying my bag for me, as well as his own!

Once we got back to the top we turned back to soak up the site once more before dragging our tired feet back to where the taxi had left us.

And yes I slept damn well that night. 

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