Saturday, 8 August 2015

Open Gardens

On my last day in Jersey my little sister, my Dad and I visited an open gardens event, and I have to say the gardens absolutely blew me away!

After every twist and turn there was something new and lovely to feast your eyes on! A small corner for every mood! The house is privately owned and lived in from what I can tell, I can only hope that the family that live there have the time to immerse themselves in their garden and appreciate its beauty, for such a lovely space to only be enjoyed once a year when it is open to the public would be such a pity!

My little sister Jess was on day release from the hospital (she's been a bit unwell, but is on the mend and better than ever!), so it was lovely getting to spend time with her outside of a hospital room, and stopped her going nuts from staring at the same four walls all day!

Personally I thought this piece got top billing in the whole garden! (Geddit?... Billing... Duck?... I'm so sorry.)

I'm only putting up one of these pictures, I was a little snap happy at this moment! My beautiful little sister (not a drop of make up on her face lucky little thing!) and my wonderful Dad!

You will be pleased to know, I saved the best for last...

Yes... Yes that is a giant wooden red squirrel! And on that nut note, I think we should leave it there.

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