Monday, 24 August 2015

Fun At The Fair!

Crikey I am really behind on my blogging! I'm afraid life sort of got in the way of blogging for me, but mostly I have been getting home from work and just don't have the energy to write.

So anyway, Ciarán and I actually did this weeks ago, but the photos are too fun to not share!

Ciarán's family live all over the place, so getting them all together in the same place at the same time can be quite challenging. So when we recived an email inviting us to his uncles house in Hampshire to spend the day at the village fair and have a family barbeque, with most of the family, it was an offer too good to refuse, and an opportunity for me to meet family members I had only heard stories about!

We packed up Bridget and off we jolly well went!

The fair was exactly what you would hope for a small village event! Children ran every which way shrieking with laughter, high on excitement and sugar! Everywhere bunting could be hung it was, and everyone seemed to know each other. The activities were absolute perfection, there was a childrens tug of war, (boys against girls of course!) and an adults tug of war between the two villages pubs. A coconut shy, archery, a fruit vegetable and flower show, Ciarán's aunt and uncle were very pleased to walk away with a few placings. And then of course there were various stalls for local artisans selling their wares, and the standard brik a brak stalls :) It really was the perfect antidote to spending too much time in London!


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