Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bike Rides, Wild Deer and St Pauls Cathedral!

I had a wonderful weekend bike ride with Ciarán through Richmond Park on our way to a barbecue at his sister's place. Even though I live so close I hadn't actually been to Richmond Park before, so although I knew there was wild deer, I was still blown away when they came running out in front of us! Naturally in my glee of being so close to these beautiful creatures I insisted we stop and stare (and let my inner shutterbug take full control!)

This was our first sighting! At this point I was pretty naive and thought that we were really lucky to have seen them... I was about to find out just how frequently you will come across them roaming about. This still didn't stop my attempting to photograph every single one! (I promise I haven't uploaded every photo I took!)

The whole place is so lovely and peaceful! It's hard to believe how close to London you are when all you can see is grass and trees and deer!

When I finally had my fill of the deer, Ciarán told me there was a place he wanted to show me, he took me to what is now one of my favourite places I have ever been to.

At the top of the hill there was a beautiful view, which you could see more clearly with the telescope. Although this view is not the one that stole my heart and took my breath away! When you arrive the telescope will most likely be facing this more obvious view, and as lovely as it is, I wonder how many people don't realise that if they turn it around, and face it towards what appears to be a wall of shrubbery, they will get to see a view that will never, and can never, be altered. For this spot is one of the protected views of St Paul's Cathedral. 

Ciarán pointed the telescope in the right direction and had me peer through it, at first all I could see was a beautiful set of iron gates topped with the words "The Way", then as I focused the telescope, it was there in all its glory. It sounds like a cheesey cliché to say that it was quite magical, but it really was! I could have stayed there for hours staring at it. I knew instantly that this little corner of London had stolen a piece of my heart, and I'm dying to go back! 

My camera isn't capable of capturing St Paul's in the distance, but I'm quite glad, it really is something you should see for yourself, and no photograph could capture the moment it comes into focus!


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