Sunday, 7 June 2015

My New Love Affair With Knittng

At the beginning of the year I began knitting a scarf. I learnt how to knit in the most basic format a few years ago, but when I went to uni I didn't have much time for knitting. Ciarán Santa bought me some knitting needles for Christmas, and I couldn't wait to get going again!

The first opportunity I got I made a trip to John Lewis and picked the yarn I wanted to use to start my first scarf! It's been pretty slow going, there are other things I do in the evenings, this blog included, that have prevented me from really getting it done. But I have promised Ciarán it will be finished by Christmas at the very latest!!

With my new hobby I have begun to lust after all things knitting! Above is a selection of items I have been drooling over, but am resisting buying until I know this isn't going to be a one project wonder!

Going left to right:

Bamboo knitting needles! I have metal ones at the moment but I really want some bamboo ones! There is something so ascetically pleasing about them! Can be found on: Love Knitting

100% Cotton chunky yarn, the yarn I am using at the moment isn't that thick, and it means my scarf is taking longer than if I'd chosen chunky yarn, also this colour is gorgeous! Maybe if I get the scarf done soon, I can knit fingerless gloves as Christmas presents! (Am I getting ahead of myself?) Love Knitting

I Adore this chevron knitting bag, I'm currently keeping my knitting in one of those free reusable canvas shopping bags, but I'd really like a proper knitting bag with pockets for my different needles (that I don't have yet). Etsy

I could really use a book with step by step instructions on how to do a lot of things! At the moment I'm just winging it, with a lot of help from youtube. This book has some really good reviews, and from what people have said it is exactly what I need! Amazon

Another knitting bag that appeals to my inner nerd! (Seriously when is the new book coming out?!?! Going stir crazy waiting!) Etsy

These hand painted wooden needles are so beautiful! Nuff said. Etsy

Another knitting book! I'm seriously considering dedicating a corner of my flat to knitting. Not sure Ciarán will be on board with this idea! Amazon

The yarn I am using at the moment is Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal merino wool and cashmere. Its really lovely! I probably shouldn't have gone for pricey, high quality wool for my first project, but I couldn't help myself. Besides, I wanted to end up with something that I would actually want to wear at the end of it!

and finally I shall reveal my attempt to date...

It's a bit messy, with more than a few dropped stitches, and I've definitely added stitches on by accident on some rows (don't actually know how you do that, but somehow I have managed it unwittingly) I will keep you updated on my knitting adventures!

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