Monday, 11 May 2015

Country Escape

Our weekend in Ireland ended up being filled with a lot more down time than planned, Ciarán came down with the flu our first night there so I got to spend Saturday curled up in the book corner catching up on some blog reading, and drinking the entire tea collection!

So Cozy!

This eventually got too boring for the recovering patient, so Sunday morning we packed a lunch and head off to visit Ciaráns brother on his new farm! I wasn't hugely enthused to be spending the day looking at farm buildings, until it was mentioned that we would get to feed the calves!! I was sold from that moment on!

I quickly picked a favourite...

Only to be chosen by someone else.

After a sufficient amount of licking, and two very damp legs later, we head outside to feed the others.

Watching their tiny tails wag in unison had to be my favourite part!

Finally it was time to let the milking of the mamma cows begin and our queue to head on home, back to my spot in front of the fire.

I felt thoroughly spoiled, and ready to return to the city, but not before being treated to this amazing sky!

Thanks a million Ireland can't wait to come back!!

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