Saturday, 23 May 2015

Cocktails and Japanese Food

Lydia and I went to uni together, and we are now working close enough to meet for lunch at least once a week. With all our lunching we hadn't gotten around to meeting after work for a more relaxed cocktail session! Once we realised this it was decided that this must be rectified immediately, and Friday was the day for it!

The plan was, we'd only go for one or two drinks, have a good old gossip and head home for dinner. Unsurprisingly this isn't what happened at all, instead we went to Aqua Kyoto, a gorgeous Japanese restaurant near Oxford Circus.

The coolest light centre piece ever! If I thought I could get this fitted in my flat, I would.

First a couple of cocktails to help with our decision making! Yes, that is a real flower.

Next up, edamame...

I definitely had more trouble getting at those yummy beans than anyone else! Clearly an edamame beginner!

Time for the main event, the food that had me using words like 'spectacular' and 'get off that last bit is mine!'

Wagyu Gyoza, followed by squid...

Drizzled with lime.

The most amazing chicken wings I have ever had!

And finally this sizzling pot of spicy vegetable egg rice.

It is brought to your table sizzling and smelling divine! They point out and tell you all the ingredients in the pot, and then mix it there and then. I am obsessed with this rice!

We picked...


And guzzled our way through the whole lot!

After all our food it was time to walk it off a little, and along the way my inner model was awoken, (only slightly inspired by the London home of LVMH)

I'm clearly a natural!

Turns out Lydia is pretty good at getting my good side!


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